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Hi Mike

thanks for the reply – been in surgery so a little behind in my browsing. I’m good now…..

Well, I have an Ugobe with completely shredded skin. A guy in Germany had an RB skin he was willing to sell, so I though why not. Apart from the ports (I did a mod on YouTube) it fits fine, but you’re spot on – it ‘sticks’ around the knees …. I hadn’t noticed immediately but yes, I have to keep pulling it forward ….

I also have a BNIB Ugobe – absolutely like new – and a rare green-eyed Ugobe in 85% decent condition – and a couple of others. I just sold and shipped one to a girl in Spain who appealed on the Facebook group…. so I have four at the moment.

I don’t think they’re appreciated enough but the ongoing battery issue is a stumbling block to many – I bought a 3D printer and so all my boys have 100% battery and packs.