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Thank you for the follow-up and support. I forced an update of the API to 5.0.1 through


pip install robodk –force

and updated to RoboDK
However, sending the following code still causes issue (regression to the behavior in RoboDK 4.x:


import robolink
rdk = robolink.Robolink()
camref = rdk.ItemUserPick(
‘Select the Camera location (reference, tool or object)’)
cam = rdk.Cam2D_Add(camref, ‘FOCAL_LENGHT=6 FOV=32 FAR_LENGHT=1000’)
It creates 2 camera windows and closing any one of them causes a crash
The camera settings are also still wrong as per the attached screenshot: FOV=32 FAR_LENGHT=1000 gives FOV=48.46 FAR_LENGHT=994

Thank you