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Thanks for the answer!
Meanwhile, my problems seem to continue :(
Pleo shows red led again and does not give any sound response, and has stopped responding to the sd card.
I tried using dinomite yesterday to see what was going on, using an old laptop with xp, the drivers from PrbDk were recognized and I was able to connect him. What I learned is that while he is connected, in dinomite log he constantly returns one command, that looks like INFO:nxp unhandled head (with some symbols at the end, im gonna upload a screenshot later) , he does this several times a second, and this may prevent him from reacting correctly to other things.

It seems that I will have to learn all the manulals for pleo programming and dinomite, because my knowledge is clearly not enough to solve the problem yet.At least it seems to me a good sign that Pleo gives at least a program response.So if there is a chance to get into the file system(as you said), maybe i can try to put everything back in place…
To be honest, I don’t know if I still need try to connect the power supply as well, if he responds just to usb.But i can give it a try.