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Hi Isa,

Thanks for that info …. the reality is that with the skin off … no clicking whatsoever . All the bits seem in place and fine. My conclusion (and I can’t believe that I didn’t look for it first) is that the skin was binding in the leg/body gap. This is in fact the RB skin put on an Ugobe. I don’t think that that in itself is an issue … but …..

Oddly, as I removed the skin I did have to extract it from being a bit stuck in the thigh gap… but never thought about it cauing the jam in itself….

So… very big lesson learned; knowing about the generic leg clicking issue I never really gave the obvious and simple problem a single thought ….. sticky skin in the wrong place.

When replacing it I wonder about lubricating the inner leg skin/gap….. but what with – that won’t deteriorate the skin?