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Commercial grade RTV Silicone sealant. The pump is not supposed to move on the pipes, but that’s moot now. Another problem is the pickup tubes for the pump are right next to the gasket so if you get even a molecule across those inlets then the pump won’t work right.

So far mixed bag. On the good side the pump is putting down water when I press clean. So the pump is working. However it still flunks with “Tank is empty” message after running the pump for a bit (and putting down water/scooba cleaner).

So time to troubleshoot that. Does anyone know:
1) What the values should be from the tank in order for the Scooba to think the tank has water (not sure if this is the problem, as when I fill the dirty tank it does detect that before doing anything).
2) Is the scooba looking for water using a PH sensor in the water stream or is it looking for changes in light (using a LED/photodiode).
3) Should I put vinegar in the tank (been using scooba juice, the white bottle)
4) Can I just bypass the water sensor by cutting and shorting those sensor wires coming out of the potted thing in line with the water pipes just downstream of the pump?

Closer, but not there yet.