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Sorry. As much of a hassle as it can sometimes be, there isn’t a way (that I know of), to skip the learning stones. If your pleo isn’t taking his ID card into his mouth the same way he takes in food, he may not be old enough yet to learn his name or tricks. Just so that you can see that it is indeed doable using the ID card and the learning stones, there is a video in the PleoRB FAQ section of the forum showing one of the members teaching her pleo its name and how to perform various tricks. I would make it easier and post the link for you but my screenreader doesn’t allow me to copy and paste links. Just be patient and remember to do all your naming and learning stone recordings in a very quiet place. Also as mentioned in that very edited tutorial video, remember to feed your pleo and make sure his play-area is well-lit. I hope you can find the video in the FAQ. IMR is a real pro! Good luck!