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Ok, thanks. I checked the unzip trick and it works fine Wink I also noticed that the DH parameters in the XML part are exactly the sum of the DH parameters from the urcontrol.conf.UR10 + the calibration.conf.

I determine the “accuracy” as follows. I scan a ref object with a 3D camera, compute 3 locations. Then I touch the 3 locations with the robot. This gives me a conversion matrix from camera to robot. I then scan a new object and have the robot trace out the outer contour of this new object. The result is not bad, but the points are off, 1 location is good enough, 2 locations have 2 to 3mm error and one has 5mm error. As if there’s some rotation about the robots Z axis of say roughly 0.5 degrees.

The calibration of the camera seems ok, so does the 3 point calibration and now the DH checks out, too. I could remove the tool calibration, just to eliminate another source of error.