Neck and tail dosen’t move

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    All of a sudden Pleo neck faces right and tail seem to be stuck in facing left. He hasn’t suffered any knocks or falls or any other trauma. We have rebooted him several times. I even powered him off and removed the battery overnight, but he has the same difficulty this morning.

    Both faults happened at exactly the same time, so I’m inclined to think it’s more software related than mechanical.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Hello Michel,

    Can you go over your troubleshooting process, what happened exactly at the FIRST malfunction, then what steps have you tried since.

    Have you tried to boot with an sd card and a skit (even static from the dino-mite download)

    Have you tried connecting him to dino-mite?

    Does Pleo continue running or does he shutdown.

    Does he make any Sounds or noises?

    Does the battery charge normally?

    Let me know and we’ll keep going!



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    Hi Steph
    Thanks for your reply; i really appreciate it.

    I dont know how to connect to DinoMITE. I haven’t tried any sort of diagnostics at all (because i dont now how to lol).

    He runs normally otherwise. He has always been a bit slugish (hardly ever walks, but does walk occasionally)

    Sounds and noises all seem the same, the “mute button” between his back legs works as normal.

    I have 2 batteries, the one that came with him is the original one that was re-celled. The 2nd attery is a 3d printed battery from the Pleo Facebook group member. Both batteries last about 2 hours.

    i’m struggling to find a link for DinoMITE. I’m not sure what DinoMITE actually does.

    Thanks again


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    You can find Dino-Mite in the downloads section of the forum under classic pleo tools.

    What is it? Dinosaur Monitor and Integrated Executables of course! Not that helps!

    From the users guide:

    Dino-MITE™ was created as a sort of bridge for the user wishing to dig into the lower level
    functionality of Pleo™. Not to say that this program allows direct access to low level
    functions, rather it gives the user a visual layout of what is potentially accessible through the
    COMM port. (or USB in our case). Dino-MITE offers many of the same diagnostic functions used by the UGOBE™
    development staff. These features make troubleshooting code, manipulating Pleo in ways
    previously unintended, and shadowing resources (to name a few) more feasible to the user.

    In other words in can give us some insight into a potential diagnosis of Tom’s problem!

    For right now all we want is a skit that is in a folder inside of the Dino-mite download (we don’t even need to install the program, for now).
    When you extract the zip folder of the download there will be a sub folder created called “static”
    This folder contains two skits, one for version 1.0 Pleos and one for subsequent versions, and static.wav (a sound file that plays “Dino-mite, Static” when skit first starts.)
    Copy both versions to an sd card and the static.wav file and start Tom with the sd card installed.

    He should go to the park or packing position with all legs, neck and tail straight, and should remain in that position and should try to correct any displacement from neutral pose back to neutral. If he still slams head and tail around to one side it is not a software issue.

    Let me know how this works!



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